Beauty: We Heart These Starlets And Their Spring Hairstyles

Today we have our favorite spring hairstyles on some of the hottest young trendsetters for you!
1. Long Locks 
Jemima Kirke of Lena Dunham’s hit HBO show, Girls, is the reigning queen of mermaid hair.  Stock up on Argan Oil and Biotin, ladies, because this year length is coming back in a big way!
2. Fun Texture
Sienna Miller shows us how to make soft waves and messy texture look effortless and bohemian.  Straighteners beware, that natural ‘just stepped off the beach’ look is making waves in 2013.
3. Bold Braids
Braids have been working their way back into the chic and sophisticated scene, and now they are kicking it up a notch.  Try Amanda Seyfried’s look by braiding your hair to the side, then pulling either side of each braided tier from base to beginning for extra volumized style. 

4. Dip Dye
Dip Dye is the new Ombre.  Whether you are working with natural hues like Rachel Bilson’s blonde and caramel or trying a bolder look with color, it is the biggest thing in hair at the moment.  If you are ready commit, try a hot pink pony or ease your way in with something washable, like soft chalk.
The best part is that all of these styles look incredible with the Palm Beach Lately style.  What do you have in mind for your hairdresser come your next visit?  Be brave, and be bold!  #PBLBeauty

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