Travel: 48-hr Family-Friendly NYC Getaway

Travel: Palm Beach Lately's 48-hour family-friendly Guide to New York City

Taking the kids to New York City a couple weeks ago was such a special treat! Beth and I haven’t been to New York in years and only my oldest child has been when she was just two, so it felt extra fresh and new to all of us. The buildings are so very tall,Continue Reading

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Travel: What we packed for NYC

Travel: What to pack the family for NYC

Last week we had a press/launch event in NYC for our upcoming collection with Vineyard Vines, so we decided to take our hubbies and kids and make a whole vacation of it! We had been looking forward to this trip for months and spent a lot of time researching all the fun stuff that makeContinue Reading

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Travel: "Sisters Suite" Master Bedroom and Bathroom Part 1

Travel: Welcome to the "Sisters Suiite" by Serena & Lily and Palm Beach Lately at The Colony Hotel

If you have been by our blog lately, you may have seen the “before” and “after” posts of our new “Sisters Suite” with Serena & Lily and Palm Beach Lately at The Colony Hotel. There are still so many details that we haven’t shared, so we want to take you room by room to showContinue Reading

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