Famous Living: Frédéric Fekkai's Secrets To Flawless Beauty

Palm Beach Lately recently sat down with Frédéric Fekkai, the world-renowned celebrity hair stylist known for “innovative cuts, premium hair products and a rarefied salon concept”.  He is praised not for one signature look, but for customizing and focusing on the individual.  His exclusive salon in the Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach is a favorite among celebrities and locals who are looking to relax and recharge with the complete Fekkai experience.  Read on for his exclusive tips to look your best, his secrets to success and his favorite Palm Beach spots.
1. What is your philosophy to look your best?
It’s the vision of your whole silhouette.  It’s all about beauty and style, not just dressing your hair.  It’s finding a style that belongs to you and your personality through clothes and makeup with the right color, fit and accessories.  Be versatile yet uniform, know your own style and create ensembles that work together.     
2. What are your favorite Palm Beach spots?  
The Brazilian Court is a hidden treasure and Buccan.
3. What is your secret to success?
Teamwork, understanding people and being a good leader.  Know the vision and what you stand for.  Our Fekkai language is uniform and clients trust the philosophy.  
4. When you are not working, where can you be found? 
I love to travel and enjoy life.  Favorites include my farm in upstate New York, London, Paris, open land, skiing, Marrakech, time with family and nature.  Travel keeps you young. 
5. What are the hot trends this season?
Colorful and glamorous, well styled with a great handbag and clothes and hair well done, but undone and not perfectly coiffed.  Wear your hair up and get highlights, but not from the root.
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