Beauty: How To Make A Blowout Last Three Days

Beth recently signed up for The Palm Beach Post’s hair challenge to make a professional blowout look fresh and new for three days. To some, that would seem like a difficult task, but to my sister, that’s a piece of cake. Anyone who knows her well can confirm she is queen of going a few days between washes and quickly restyling her hair on the fly. On Day #1 of the challenge, she popped into FlyDry Blowdry Bar in Delray Beach for the ‘Round Trip’ – defined curls from day to night. Click here to read her hair secrets for stretching her ‘do two more days. And for more inspiration, visit our ‘Hairstyles’ Pinterest Board to see our favorite blow dry inspiration lately.

P.S. By Day #4, I’m begging her to wash her hair! 😉

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