Summer Lately: 10 Sunny Things We'll Do This Summer

Summer Lately: 10 Sunny Things to Do This Summer

We have always loved creating mini bucket lists of fun things we like to do each season. From riding our bikes by the sea to picking apples in the fall, we truly enjoy planning ahead and thinking of special ways to spend time with our family and friends. And it’s a really great way to make the most of each season by soaking it up before it passes us by!

But this year, we have decided to take this concept one step further by trying something new. Living a well-rounded, wholesome life is essential to us, so we have paired our love for seasonal experiences with our 10 most important values. In no particular order, these categories are: hobby, love, family, home, faith, friendship, food, fit, work and travel.

For each category, we spent some time thinking about what we really want to do with it this summer. We asked questions like: what hobby have I been wanting to get better at or try, what is one way I can show my husband I love him, how can I cultivate meaningful time with my family, what is one project I’ve been hoping to complete at home, what new practice will honor my faith, what can I experience with my girlfriends, what seasonal food am I looking forward to savoring, what fitness activity is new and adventurous, what dream project can I focus on, and what new destination can I experience this season?

It sounds like a lot, but we chose one activity in each area that is life giving and not energy sucking. That means it needs to be realistic and doable. After we picked our experiences, we looked at our calendars and penciled them in. Each season spans a few months, so with 10 experiences that gives us one per week with some margin to move things around. We want to be flexible, but being proactive and planning ahead of time is key to making it happen!

So now that we have our “Summer Lately” list, we are ready to go and pumped about it! We’ll be sharing some of our experiences on Insta Stories, if you’d like follow along. But we aren’t here just to share what we are up to; we want you to join in with us, too!

We have included a blank “Summer Lately” list with our 10 values below as a starting point for you to create your own list. Feel free to use it as is or edit it to make it your own. And because we’d love to see what you’re up to, be sure to post it to Instagram or Insta Stories and tag @palmbeachlately with hashtag #summerlately so we can follow along!

We wish you the sunniest summer yet and hope it’s full of joy, love and laughter!

xo – Beth and Danielle

Summer Lately: 10 Sunny Things to Do This Summer

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