Weekender: Palm Beach Lately Suggests Park Mobile App

West Palm Beach weekenders, your Friday and Saturday plans just got much easier!  Park Mobile is a fantastic Smartphone app that is worth its weight in gold – and in your parking peace of mind.
How It Works:
– When you park at a meter in Downtown West Palm Beach, check for the Parkmobile sign or sticker.
– Use the app or mobile website to enter the zone number listed on the sign; many even have QR codes that your phone can automatically scan.  Then, follow the directions to pay for parking.
– That’s it!  You’re good to go meet up with your friends and get a latte before cruising the Green Market or shops.
Choose the option to be notified 15 minutes before your session is about to expire, and where available, you can extend your parking without even leaving the dressing room or brunch table.
For those of you who haven’t stumbled upon this little gem yet, jump on your Smartphone and download it immediately!  Because really, who wants to fumble with change?  And more importantly, who carries around sacks of quarters in this plastic-friendly modern age?
Also good in spots throughout Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, New Port Richie, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Jacksonville.  Not too shabby!
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