Home: Pineapple Pad Video Update

  Part one of our two part video update on the Pineapple Pad is here! Today we are walking you through a few highlights from our renovation process so far and sharing some of the incredible people who have been working so hard on our vacation rental. It’s really coming together so beautifully and theContinue Reading

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Pineapple Pad: "Before" and Renovation Sneak Peek

Palm Beach Lately's Pineapple Pad Vacation Rental Renovation Photos

Last month we made a big announcement that later this summer we will be opening a vacation rental right here in the heart of Palm Beach! We are working with our friends Ben and Lindsay Goldberg of The Enjoy Company on this project and began renovating it a couple weeks ago. Come along today as weContinue Reading

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Home: Blush Couches

Home: Palm Beach Lately's Favorite Blush Couches

1 Carson Settee in Blush / 2 Soriano Channel Tufted Settee in Blush / 3 Eloise Camelback Sofa in Blush / 4 Adeline Upholstered Sofa in Blush / 5 Penelope Sofa in Blush / 6 Milo Sofa in Blush / 7 Petite Barrow Chesterfield Velvet Sofa in Blush / 8 Quinn Sofa in Blush Lately we have beenContinue Reading

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