Beauty: Beth's Bridal Skin Treatments At Tammy Fender

Beth recently visited holistic skin care guru, Tammy Fender, for one of her famous treatments that are centered around the entire being – both physically and emotionally – receiving healing energy.

You may remember that we are big Tammy fans. Last year, we had tea with her and featured a peek into her holistic lifestyle on our blog. She is such a sweetheart and is full of knowledge. If you haven’t been, Tammy’s spa is light, bright and white. It’s so refreshing and simple; no fuss or frills.
Her waiting area is dim and cozy, with oversized arm chairs and natural refreshments. Everything about her spa is warm and inviting. It truly makes you unwind and appreciate the experience.

While you are waiting, you are invited to smell an assortment of feminine and masculine scents {like lemongrass, pine needle, orange and rosemary} and choose three that are used in your treatment. She says your body craves what it is lacking, and the scents you are drawn to can change every time you visit.
Tammy used an assortment of her formulations to holistically treat Beth’s skin:
– Cleansing Milk
– Bulgarian Rose Water
– Quintessential Serum
– Antioxidant Creme
– Epi-Peel

For this treatment, Tammy applied herbal steam to Beth’s face, as well as oxygen therapy and a freshly prepared mask – customized just for her – based on the uniqueness of her skin’s condition. Beth’s skin was glowing, and she will go back for a few more treatments to prepare her skin for her upcoming wedding. We can’t say enough wonderful things about Tammy and her products!
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