Charitable Living: LPGA Winner And Diabetes Fighter Michelle McGann Couldn't Be Sweeter Or More Successful

Michelle McGann wearing Pandora
 Michelle McGann wearing Pandora

Last night Palm Beach Lately attended the Michelle McGann Golf Classic Kickoff Party at The Gardens Mall.  A large following came out to support the Michelle McGann Golf Fund that benefits the fight against diabetes.  Michelle McGann, along with Kickoff Chair Fonda Lee, put on a very successful event that included an elaborate display of auction items, a Q&A with Michelle and special guest children with diabetes.  Our favorite part?  The newly opened jewelry store, Pandora, is graciously donating $500 to the Michelle McGann Golf Fund, plus 5% of every sale when you mention “Michelle McGann” AND $5 for every “like” they receive on their Facebook page through the weekend.  How generous is that!  But before you go, we have our very own Q&A with sweet Michelle who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 13, but went on to win 8 professional tournaments during her 24 (and counting) years on the LPGA tour.  
1. What symptoms led you to get tested for diabetes?
My mom is a nurse and she was attending a seminar on diabetes.  She came home and told my dad that I was diabetic.  I had all the symptoms.  I had lost weight, drinking excessive amounts of fluid, constant urination, sleeping all the time and ketones in my urine.  The symptoms were all there and unfortunately my life changed that day. 
2. What has been the toughest obstacle to overcome?
There are many obstacles to overcome on a daily basis, but I think one of the biggest ones is balancing your eating schedule.  Everyday I have a different schedule so trying to plan out meals can be a challenge and I always have to be prepared for a change.
3. What has been your greatest achievement?
One of my greatest achievements has been the gift to make a difference in peoples lives with diabetes.  No one asks to have diabetes and I hope to be a great role model for years to come. 
4. Any advice for children who are new to the disease?
For anyone who is newly diagnosed, take it one day at a time and learn something new about what your body is telling you.  Everyday is a challenge and know that no one is perfect and sometimes the blood sugars we get may not make any sense.  One blood sugar at a time.
5. Favorite diabetes-friendly meal and local spots?
My favorite food is by my friend and Dr. Barry Sears.  Dr. Sears created The Zone Diet and has provided all of us with diabetes many fabulous foods to help us keep our blood sugars under control.  My favorite product is the Coconut/Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Delicious.  Favorite local spots: Brio, The Reef Grill, Frigates and best breakfast spot, Sara’s Kitchen, a staple for my every weekend.
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