Social: Four Arts Celebrates Tres De Mayo

 Christian Wistehufo, Michael Ridgdill and Peter Emmerich


 Grier Pressly, Peter Geisler and Kristy Pressly


Christopher Vecellio and Tara Tobin


Allisa Ridder, Erik Waldin and Rachel K. Ward


 Cha Cha’s Sangria Table


Donna Kent, Mary Ellen Patterson, Jamie Gozzo and Kathryn Thomasson
Patrick Killian and Heather Henry


Jennifer Anttila and Ashley Sharpe


Maura Ross and Julie Parker


Heath and Karly Randolph


Connor MacBeth, Dusty MacBeth, Chelsea Joyce and Eric Shippy


 Patrcik Darczuk, Franck Duriez and Nicky Taylor


 Adam Munder, Sara Groff, Piper Quinn and Elisabeth Munder


Joan Klann and Kristy Pressly


 Binkie and Chris Orthwein


Bertram and Kathryn Martin


Todd Peter and Frances Webster
Mariachi Band
The Society of the Four Arts’ South-of-the-Border Bash took place on Tres de Mayo or May 3rd.  The organization’s group of young supporters known as the Contemporaries enjoyed Mexican dishes, margaritas and a mariachi band.  Proceeds from the event benefited their mission to support The Four Arts’ programs including art, drama, literature and music.
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