Travel: Brant Point Lighthouse On Nantucket

Travel: Brant Point Lighthouse on Nantucket

In the past few years, we have really fallen in love with lighthouses <that’s when you know you’re growing up, lol>. Our parents took us to see one in Maine back when we were teenagers, and we have a beautiful one right here in Jupiter, FL that is our favorite <the best place to view itContinue Reading

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Fashion: Sunny Yellow and Lemon-Print Styles

Palm Beach Lately Lemon Love

A few evenings ago, we were strolling by one of our favorite beachside condo buildings in Palm Beach and decided to pause to enjoy the beautiful golden sunset. The sky above the ocean softly blended all of the colors of the rainbow and there was a calm peace in the air as the beachgoers were enjoying everyContinue Reading

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Home: Deck the Palms | Outdoor Holiday Decor


It’s Thanksgiving Eve and we are very exited because both of our homes are officially ready for the holidays! We love this time of year so much but it always breezes by so fast, so this year we decided to get a jump start on decorating. Now we can enjoy the greenery and sparkles a little bit longer,Continue Reading

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